Our purpose is to generate value for shareholders by advancing the discovery of precious metals in Peru. Condor currently has an active portfolio of 12 targets and four joint venture agreements. Seven projects are 100% owned, two of which have drill programs underway. All projects are located exclusively in Peru, allowing Condor’s technical team to focus their expertise on a single region making Condor Peru’s leading project generator.


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Peru is one of the world’s top producers of precious and base metals. The mining industry plays a critical role in the Peruvian economy. Not only is it home to world-class mineral deposits run by some of the largest mining companies, the Peruvian government has worked to ensure the country has the right legislation and policies in place to attract mining investment. In fact, in the Fraser Institute’s Annual Survey of Mining Companies, Peru ranked just below British Columbia in the Investment Attractiveness Index (2016). Condor’s management and technical team have decades of experience working in Peru and developing positive working relationships with various communities.


Technical Team

Condor’s technical team has been together for over 10 years and is led by award-winning geologists. With more than 40 years of combined experience in the region, the exploration team has a long list of past discoveries and awards including the Breapampa-Andrea high grade gold-silver mine, the Rio Blanco Cu-Mo porphyry deposit, and others. Along with Condor’s Technical Advisory Board, Ever Marquez, VP Exploration, has been building positive working relationships with local community members for over a decade.

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